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Possible Exposure

Hi, I really need some advice as I have some really high anxiety right now. I recently found out that someone I hooked up with twice last year, once in June and then once in early October, recently found out he was HIV positive. He says he doesn’t know where he got it and he hasn’t been with anyone since he’s been with me so clearly he had it when I was with him. I got tested in the middle of last October and tested negative, which means I couldn’t have gotten it from him when we hooked up in June because it was outside the 3 month window. If I did get it from him then it would have been on the second encounter a week or so before my test. I was on top and we didn’t use protection as I trusted him. I’m obviously going to get tested again but I am really anxious waiting and I don’t know what to do. I know I’m at lower risk for getting it since I was on top, but I don’t know what to expect. If anyone could give any advice it would be much appreciated. Thank you

  1. Hi , the wait for answers can be so difficult. How was your experience when you were tested back in October? Will you go to the same place again? Sometimes it helps to know what to expect, and if you have any questions about that, let us know. Here is a little more information on the rapid test, if that is what you have in mind:

    Sometimes talking about your anxiety can offer some relief, so I hope this community can be a support to you in that regard.

    I hope the community will chime in with more support, and in the meantime feel free to keep us posted on how you're doing and how everything goes for you.

    Liz (Team Member)

    1. Hi - I want to follow 's comment and just second her sentiment - we are here for you and this community has your back. I realize right now is a time of high-anxiety. You can always ask questions, vent, just share your experience - whatever you need. I know others will chime in too - but you aren't alone. - Reggie (Team Member)

      1. Alafia (Peace) I understand where your anxiety is coming from. The waiting and not knowing can raise your level of anxiety. I suggest to slow things down, meaning that you try to focus on the things which are in your control. Be mindful of how much energy you give to what you cannot control. Khafre (Team Member)

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