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What questions would you like to ask the the Health Leaders?

The health leaders at speak from experience living with HIV. Sometimes the only person who can provide insight into what you may be going through is someone who has been there.

The team will be answering questions about how the holidays impact those living with HIV. They have written about how the holidays impact loss and grief, family dynamics, financial stress, keeping healthy, and sticking to your treatment.

What questions would you like to ask the team here at

  1. Alafia (Peace) I would love to know how they deal with social isolation, if they are at all. Khafre ( Team Member)

    1. I have this question and feel this has to be the best place to ask,
      Hiv undetectable and lead a healthy life style. Should they always reveal their status? I chat with others that say they do not and reveal because they are undetectable. I would like to see some comments.
      Thanks in advance

      1. This is a great question and I hope you get lots of answers. In the meantime, here are a few articles on the topic where some of our contributors have shared their thoughts:

        When Disclosure is a Lifelong Experience, What Do You Do? -
        Intimacy of Status -
        Open and Honest Conversations -

        Liz (Team Member)

    2. I tested positive 3 times. Twice at a clinic using rapid finger prick antigen/antibody and I also took a rapid at home saliva test. All positive!

      At the clinic they took just 1 single vile of blood for further lab testing which takes several days.

      Does this mean I'm positive? What test are they running with that vile of blood ?

      1. Hi . I saw that in a different thread Liz shared our article on the types of tests. It is impossible for us to know exactly which test is being done, but it is standard procedure for there to be redundancy/retesting for confirmation of a positive result. What I want to stress, as Liz did, is that if you are positive there are effective treatments available and this community is here for you with information and support. Best, Richard (Team Member)

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