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Recently Diagnosed with HIV

Dear Friends, my parents have been diagnosed with HIV. I am from India and my parents live in India as well.

My father is 65 year old and mother is 60 year old. He was vaccinated 2 weeks ago for Covid-19. A week ago, he started having some breathing troubles. We went to doctors thinking that it might be Covid-19.
I don't why doctor prescribed the HIV card test, but my father's report showed HIV positive. We thought that the report must be erratic due to Covid-19 vaccines and its symptoms. The doctor suggested my mother be tested as well. My mother, who had not been vaccinated, no covid-19 symptoms also showed HIV positive (HIV card test).

My father have is being given the treatment of Covid-19 for the last 7 days. His C-reactive protein is 20 (Normal range-0-1😎 and D-dime - 130 (Normal range-0-200). Things are improving as far as covid is concerned.

The doctor is suggesting that we should start the treatment for HIV as well.

We just wanted to gather some more information about this. We have no idea how to go about it. Kindly give us some information if possible on the following:

1) What should we do to make sure that my parents indeed have HIV? Is there any advanced test (we have heard of ELISA test) that can be done to make sure that they are HIV positive. We doubt that it might be due to Covid-19 (which may make sense for my father as he is being treated for covid-19 but not for my mother who is showing no symptoms of covid).
My parents have given blood samples for ELISA test. The result is expected to come out tomorrow.

2) I have heard that Indian goverment gives the treatment for HIV but we have no idea how to proceed, speically with these covid-19 situation. India is still in lockdown.

I have many more queries but could someone please reply me so that I can ask them more questions.

  1. I'm glad you are here with these questions, I am sure this is a stressful time for your family. You may know some of this information, but here is an article that explains all the different tests for HIV

    I do not have any info on the ELISA test or on testing in India, so I recommend (if you haven't already) checking out this site as well for more local resources: Please keep us posted on how your parents are doing and anything else we can provide - Liz (Team Member)

    1. , I just wanted to check in to see if you go the help you and your parents needed. Hope you are doing okay. - Liz (Team Member)

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