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Turning 30 years of age is a major milestone in someone's life and it will be my 30th birthday in just a few weeks. The last few days, I have really reflected on all the time that has passed in my life, but I have also thought about how I would like to recognize my upcoming birthday.

This year I would like to celebrate my 30th birthday with only my family and my partner. In my 20s I have always had a birthday dinner with my family, but most of my birthday festivities have been with my friends.

Testing positive in my 20s

I feel that I am entering a new decade of my life and my 20s were full of growth and exploring all aspects of my life. The last few years have been full of change especially around my health.

During my 20s, I found out that I was HIV positive. Now that I am 30, I am very confident in my choices and my decisions around my health. I am hoping that my 30s continue to bring me clarity and I continue to work toward stability in my life.

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Reflecting on my triumphs and tribulations

I realized that turning 30 will reflect all the triumphs and tribulations that I have went through in my life. I have gained knowledge and wisdom by learning more about myself and exploring what the future holds for me. I started thinking about all the things that I have achieved and what more I will achieve in my career. I am grateful for the relationship that I have with my family and my partner.

I will soon turn 30 and I want to take the next step in my relationship. I am unsure of what that might be, but I will share with you all when I do know.

I plan on spending a lot more time with family, because, in my 30s, I would like to help make my family grow. That might mean kids in the future or even fur babies, but what I do know is that I would like to care for another life. I would like to become a parent in my 30s.

Celebrating this new chapter in my life

Turning 30 also brings making better choices when it comes to my career. This year my 30th birthday lands on a major site visit for work, as well as a time when we are planning a huge event for community.

Even though it is not mandatory that I am at both occasions, I made an executive decision to still be there. I will be celebrating a few weeks after my actual birthday in Cancun and Tulum with my partner. I am also currently planning small outings and brunches with my family leading up to me leaving on vacation.

In my 30s I want to continue to take care of myself, my partner, and my family. I want to prioritize all of our health and well-being. I want us all to thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally and for us all to know that life is full of changes and we must embrace them all.

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