isolating after newly diagnosed with hiv

You Aren't Alone

I want to express how important it is to spend time with family and friends. There was a moment in my life after my diagnosis when I felt alone. I do not want anyone ever to feel like that.

I was fortunate enough to pull myself out of that funk I was in, but that is not the case for many newly diagnosed with HIV.

I completely understand how much your life can change after receiving a positive diagnosis, and I want you to know that I am here. Everyone on this platform is here to listen and be a friend if needed.

Shutting everyone out

Shortly after my diagnosis, I started to shut everyone out. I found an apartment with my boyfriend at the time because I did not want my family to see my medication bottle in my room.

About a month after moving out, I found out that my boyfriend had infected me. I was never sure because he and I would break up and get back together so much. I guess I did not want to accept that it could have been him.

Drifting away

After finding this out, I kicked him out of the apartment and started slowly drifting away from my friends. I did this because I felt embarrassed about what my partner had done to me. I did not want to tell my family and friends that the man I once loved infected me with HIV.

A few months passed, and all I did was go straight to work and then come straight home. I did not want to be social with anyone, and I even stopped replying to friends that would message me.

Slowly but surely coming back around

I started thinking that I was never going to be confident in myself and what I had to offer the world if I stayed stuck in this mental state that I was in. Slowly but surely, I started spending more time with my friends and spending weekends with my family. I even built up the courage to tell my family about my diagnosis.

I wanted to share this small glimpse of my past with you all because we all have moments of weakness. We all have moments when we might feel alone.

Your story could help others. Let them know they are not alone.

You aren't alone in this

The holidays are approaching, and there might be people spending them alone. Sometimes it can be by choice, but for others, it may be because they have no family or have been distant from friends. I now try always to make time for those that reach out to me. I never want someone to feel like they are alone in this world.

If you are living with HIV or are newly diagnosed with HIV, there are people out there who will listen. There are social and support groups for people living with HIV. Chat rooms or therapists can also guide you through your diagnosis. I also want to say again that I am here for you.

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