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"HIV Doesn't Define Us" : Ms. Kate Elling

I've been HIV+ for over half of my life , positive for 33 yrs clinically diagnosed and tracked it back to 35 yrs.

The early days of HIV

I also had a child before the medications where available. Didn't find out a previous partner was positive til I was 8 months pregnant.

Was very scary and even more scary was the thought I could've given this to my child.

I thank the universe everyday for a HIV negative child.

I became an advocate for others

Once my child was old enough to tell people to mind their business, I became a voice for all that couldn't be openly vocal. I've been on bus ad in my state, spoke publicly and was a face for the King County Planning Counsel for HIV funding.

Empowering others

I've also helped others to become their own advocate and voice their needs. For just because we have HIV, it doesn't mean it defines us!! And we know our own needs better than anyone else, so in my personal opinion being a advocate for yourself is extremely important. I even have a support group for Long-Term Survivor (LTS) HIV+ women.

Now I'm volunteering as a Recovery Coach for people that need someone to listen and walk their journey with them. I walk people's journey with them and this could be recovery from whatever they're need is.

Also working on getting certified as a Peer Counselor with hopes of working in the HIV community as a CPC for mental health.

I feel being HIV+ is mentally stressful for some and feel I can guide those through the hard times.

LTS 33yrs Positive
Kate Elling May 2024 Still Here

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