Long time survivor

I was diagnosed back in the old days when there was no hope and I expected to die!!!

The early days of AZT

AZT was even killing people of color! At my worst I weighed 90 pounds and could barely stand! My doctor even thought but didn’t tell me the same. I was put in Atripila which saved me. 30 years later I’m still here!

Pursuing my career

At 50 years old I went back to school and graduated with two degrees. I even went to Florida and worked for Disney! They didn’t pay enough to live on so I returned to Indiana to start my own business. Sadly I was unable to continue to work because of my illness and now survive on disability! I’m presently working on a cookbook. Yes I’m a culinary as well as a pastry chef. At 59 years old I have been dealing wit this disease for over 30 years!

HIV and mental health

I suffer from depression, heart and bipolar diseases. I’m optimistic about my future and go to a support group that meets twice a month. I don’t know what the future holds for me but at least I can see it, for now!

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