My Life with HIV

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My name is Helen. I'm 24 yrs old, and a single mother of one. I was diagnosed with HIV when I was in class seven, 2007. Today I am a living testimony that I am greater than the virus.

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The challenge of disclosing your HIV status

Although it hasn't been easy, through the Almighty God I made it. The only challenge I face is the confidence to tell someone (a crush) that you're positive and their take. I had to be sneaking myself to the toilet to take my drugs so that my baby daddy wouldn't know I was positive. He left anyway.

Learning to love myself

I learned the importance of self-love, and when I gave birth in 2015, I found myself a partner. My daughter is now 5 yrs old and negative. Another challenge is my weight. This really keeps me cold, but otherwise, I don't owe anyone a big body. Someday, I know I'll gain weight.

Tips for living well with HIV

I hope my story changes the life of an individual with the same status as mine that being HIV positive doesn't mean your dead. Wake up, this is the beginning of a new chapter. Face it with confidence. Adhere to your drugs, eat wellπŸ›πŸ‰πŸžβ˜•, do regular exercise and live a stress-free life.

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