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Do I have hiv? Plz help

I had unprotected sex on 5th march this year exactly after two weeks I was facing some symptoms like I'm feeling feverish, my body seems hot internally, i can feel it all the time, my back of head, neck, chest ..but when I check my temperature with thermometer it's between 97 to 98 C.....I also have yellow phelgm from mouth only...and feels chest congested sometimes ...I have no cough no runny nose or other symptoms....I had been taking azithromycin and ibuprofen for 3 days ...but it's like six weeks now I have same symptoms....could it possibly mean I have hiv?

  1. Did you have diarrhea at all? I have the same internal inexplicable fever for a week now, started after 2 weeks, waiting on test results. It's possible you have it, get tested for sure.

    1. When will your results be out plz share them?....what kind of test u have done? many weeks it has been now? I don't have direah at all! Do u have?

      1. Have you been able to receive an HIV test? - Steven (Team Member)

        1. No I'm so afraid...I have no idea what test

          1. There are free rapid HIV tests that can be taken. Have you looked into any clinics near you?

          2. hey bro same symthoms can you tell please you tested negative or no?

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