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Are these early symptoms of HIV?

Had sex with this girl which told me she is clean and the last time she had sex was 5 years ago. She also said the last time she did blood work was 1 year ago. However, we had sex in the night but I woke up in the morning feeling a bit sick, weak and slight fever and headache.

The condition improved after a few days but kept reoccurring. Now I have body aches in the night, and burning sensations and a cough. No rash or anything like that.

I saw my doctor after 2 and half weeks and she requested some test . She said it doesn’t seem like I catch a std. however my body is telling me different . I know it was too early to experience symptoms right after sex and that’s the only hope I have that I don’t have anything.

I just want to know if that makes it possible that I didn’t contract HIV because I experienced symptoms too early. I heard the window is normally 2-3 weeks.

Thanks in advance for the response

  1. You've been suffering with some difficult symptoms, I hope we can provide you some information that helps. We are not medical professionals so can't assess your level of risk for HIV transmission, but can try to point you to some articles that have helpful information. In the tests you did at the doctors, did they include an HIV test? There are many reasons for feeling sick with a fever and headache, did the doctor offer any possible explanations? - Liz (Team Member)

    1. Did a covid test and it came back positive. She didn’t tell me what it could be so I’m now thinking it’s covid although some of the symptoms like coughing and burning sensation lasted for month.

      1. COVID can be really tough, I am wishing you the best. I hope your symptoms ease up soon.

    2. Alafia (Peace) Did you ever get a follow up HIV test? That is a only true way to know your status. Please check back in with us to share just how you are doing. We want to support you in anyway you need. Khafre ( Team Member)

      1. Hi I’m hiv positive, I feel I’m never going to be able to have a girlfriend , I’m lonely and depressed , I need help

        1. Alafia (Peace) We are here for you. I totally understand where you are coming. Have you sought out a support group or therapist? I think the support group will help with the loneliness and the therapist with the depression. Khafre ( Team Member)

        2. Alafia (Peace) I am going to keep checking in on you. I hope you are doing well. Khafre ( Team Member)

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