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I am into haveay depression

Depression just destory me mentally, is there a way to survive in peace?
I am losing hope and wish death at age 38y old. I had had enough although i am newly affected by hiv

  1. I am so concerned about you and my heart is going out to you. I just direct messaged you another resource I hope can help. You are not alone in feeling this way after a new diagnosis, so many here can relate. I hope you are able to contact the resource I sent, because you deserve the best support you can get when you are feeling this way. - Liz (Team Member)

    1. Those sources does not help as i am based in morocco, my days become such hell. I hope there is some light as i am getting almost to the end as i can t stand it anymore.

      1. Earlier today I sent you in a direct message, but maybe you did not get it. I am more familiar with resources in the US (where we are based) but through I found this organization based in Morocco and wonder if it could be useful to you. - Liz (Team Member)

      2. come on be strong you re nickname is Warrior where is your spirit ?? Tell me where did you get tested in Morocco and what kind of test did they use ?

    2. I have recently been diagnosed with an advanced stage of hiv when I went to hospital with different problems..You are lucky you just found out you could start medication ASAP and live a normal live I am 32

      1. i am having hopeless life and empty and terriblely sad, i am alone and Lost and jobless so i can t have so many things in life. That s why i feel completely runied mentally and emotionally.....i have no reason to live this life anymore

      2. I am concerned for you, I know these emotions can be so hopeless and empty. Please reach out to someone in your life to express how you're feeling, and if there is no one you trust, please try the helpline I sent you - . They are people with experience talking to people feeling this way, and you deserve to have the best support available because, despite any messages you have been given, your life is valuable and as community members have said, you can live a good life with HIV once you have the support you need. - Liz (Team Member)

    3. Unfortunately the link or website is not responding and i tried it months go and it seems down. I can t take it anymore. I just can t kill myself although i wish i could but i am suffering daily

      1. i'm so gald you tried to reach out to them - it looks like the Stop Silence Ramadan hours are Monday 8pm-11pm, Wednesday 3pm-6pm, I think that might have been why the chat was down, but I'm not sure. I know you are suffering daily. I hope there is someone around you that you can trust to share how you're feeling. And if not, that we can be a good place to express what you're going through. - Liz (Team Member)

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