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How long before it is considered a conclusive result?

after how long can you be considered to have a conclusive result with an HIV combo screen done by the lab and blood drawn from a vein?

  1. hi jake and thank you fer replying ,yes i have had the test where they draw blood from my vein 14weeks after possible exposure and i had to wait a day for my result as it was sent to the lab,it was a 4th generation combo test and it cme back negative. Thank The Lord,but i am still scared because for 3months my mind was in so much trauma thinking i was infected,the window period was the worst time of my whole life ,i have never been through something like that,in the time that i was waiting i literally went for rapid tests every week,11 to be exact,not 1 came back positive ,all came back negative,all 11 and then i decided to get my blood drawn well after the 3month mark,but i dunno if it was the trauma but i also realise now that being hiv isnt the end of the world but yet i am still scared that maybe a few years down the line that the hiv will pop its head up and i will be diagnosed with it and now every single thing that happens to my body i associate it with being hiv symptoms. my doctor said i should stop worrying because i dont have hiv but i am still confused even tho i got my result, i just wana be normal again and be a normal mother to my kids,not this emotional wreck who doesnt even wana leave her home or even get dressed!

    1. Hi . *I responded to this questin in another area on the website, so please don't feel obligated to respond here. I simply wanted to put the same information here in case anyone else happens upon your question.

      Tests for HIV typically have a window period of up to 3 months depending on the test, which means that most tests will be conclusive after 3 months. With that being said, it’s still important to get tested regularly.

      If you are experiencing symptoms, I’d certainly say that you should continue communicating with your doctor to determine what might be leading to your symptoms.

      – Jake ( Team Member)

      1. Alafia (Peace) , Thank you for sharing these facts. I would only add that the initial test is a swab and if it comes back reactivate then a blood confirmatory test is ordered. Khafre (Team Member)

    2. thanks Jake, for adding this info to the knowledge base for the community.

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