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What's the risk?

Dear all,

45 days ago i had protected sex with an unknown girl. After ejaculating (when I had some sperm on my penis) she gave me blowjob which only took 20-30 seconds. I didn't see any blood in het mouth and there was not any cut or sore on my penis. I have small infection in my left ear and in the same side a small swollen node. I have no opportunity to make test.
What's my risk? I am in risk?

  1. Hi , thanks for your question. We are not medical professionals and cannot give out medical advice over the internet (for your safety). But, based on your description, it sounds like this is a low-risk situation. For more information on transmission, check out this link:

    However, if you have any concerns, it is always a good idea to get tested. I know you mentioned not being able to. Are you in an area without access to testing? Do you need information on where to go to get a test? Please let us know so we can help point you toward the right resources! Wishing you the best! -Casey (Team Member)

    1. Alafia (Peace) I agree with Casey, it is best to get tested as soon as possible. That is the only way you will know for sure. Good luck and please let us know how things turn out. Khafre ( Team Member)

      1. Alafia (Peace) I am wondering if you were able to take in the information shared by regarding transmission? I hope you found it useful and is something you can incorporate into your daily life. Khafre ( Team Member)

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