a man doffs his hat and reveals a PrEP pill that was sitting underneath it

PrEPing for Disclosure

I don’t think you have to disclose to your partner or family that you’re taking PrEP. This is a personal decision and really depends on who, what, when, where, and why. Navigating conversations surrounding sex is always difficult. So if I know that the conversation will be awkward, nine times out of ten, I will just avoid it.

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Do I talk to my family about taking PrEP?

For instance, I’m not going to have this conversation with my immediate family unless I was in some real serious trouble. Simply because it is a low priority for me and, to be honest, explaining what PrEP is to my family would just be way too confusing.

Talking about PrEP with my peers

Amongst my peer group, I’m an advocate and would gladly bring it up in casual conversation. I know amongst my friends there is an openness and relationship of talk about and through sexual health issues.

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Disclosing about PrEP may lend to support

I think this is totally okay. Ultimately PrEP is just for you. Take your pill and be happy and live life. That being said, let’s consider the opposite situation.

Family and friends can be some of your biggest cheerleaders when it comes to health issues. Maybe you need a reminder from your family member every once in a while to keep you accountable. Maybe your partner takes PrEP or HIV medications, and it is a way for you both to be accountable to each other.

That’s completely okay too! Everyone’s support system will look different.

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PrEP stigma is real

Although I never really came across this personally, I have heard of people being stigmatized because of PrEP. Sometimes people are assumed to be promiscuous or sexually deviant because they are on PrEP. And truly, those folks can take a walk.

Now, it’s cool for people to come to that conclusion for themselves, but there is no place for instructing others how to live their life. Haters gonna hate, and keep it pushing.

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Disclosing while in a relationship

I think, though, if I were in a romantic relationship, I would eventually disclose it. That special person will probably get nosey and look in my medicine cabinet anyway. I’m cool with this because, if we are sharing in each other sexually, then there is a level of honesty that I feel comes into play. In the act of intercourse, we swap all types of fluids that carry STDs as well as the material that creates life, so the stakes are a bit higher for me.

So those are my thoughts. What about you? Comment below and read more about my PrEP journey.

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