To Drink or Not to Drink

One drink, 2 drinks. A whiskey drink or an Amaretto drink.

As I look back over the last year and a realization hits me. I have only consumed alcohol on a few occasions. In April, had major knee surgery. It prevented me from going out for months. When I did start going out, I was on crutches and decided not to drink.

Now that I am back on solid footing, I decided that I could have a drink or 2 occasionally. Much to my surprise, my body has not reacted well to my attempts of enjoying a few drinks.

Christmas parties

We had 2 Christmas parties to attend for my boyfriend's work. One was an informal house party and the other was a formal corporate event. Both events involved mostly alcoholic drinks being served. I did not drink much at either event. During both parties, I only had 3 alcoholic drinks the entire evening.

Informal Christmas party

The night of the informal house party, they ran out of bottled water. Since I did not know the hosts well, I felt too awkward to ask for more. Due to them being out of bottled water and the fact that I was not enjoying the taste of my whiskey, I am sure I ended up slightly dehydrated.

That night, I had a hard time sleeping. I felt like I was having hot flashes jumping between being cold and hot. Then the next day, I felt like I drank all night long. I was miserable.

Formal Christmas party

The next weekend we had the formal Christmas party. This was hosted at a hotel in Houston. I initially wanted to drink Amaretto sours instead of whiskey. This was to see if I would feel better with a different type of alcohol. Unfortunately, they did not have Amaretto, so I ended up drinking whiskey sours.

On the plus side, there were waiters who constantly refilled my water glass. I do believe that this helped me. Throughout the night, I had the same number of drinks that I had the weekend prior, but I managed to actually sleep well. Despite this, I still did not feel great the next day.

Christmas day

On Christmas itself, the 2 of us do not drink, but the people around us tend to drink. I am not a person who is bothered by others drinking when I am not. Granted, I do find it annoying if other people get drunk, which always manages to happen.

HIV and alcohol

I really am unsure why I feel the way that I do after drinking. Especially since I am not drinking to excess. A measly 3 drinks spread out over hours is not too much.

Part of me wonders if the antiviral medications interact with the alcohol. Another possibility is our bodies are already dealing with so much that it cannot process the alcohol as it does in individuals who are not taking antivirals.

Are you living with HIV and indulge in an alcoholic beverage? How do you feel the next day?

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