Why I Say I Don't "Live with HIV," It Lives With Me

It has been 26 years now the HIV has been living with me. It moved in in June of 1996. What should I say? That's when I found out it had moved in. For about the first five or six years I struggled to come to grips what was living in the house called my body. I let it control me as a rule me. I didn't make my decisions for me.

I took control of HIV

But then as time went on I took control. I let HIV know you were going to stay here, he was approved. That you were going to have to abide by you will not be deciding factor as to whether or not I live you will not be a deciding factor as to how I live. But you are going to be the deciding factor as to why I live. And from that point on I have lived to empower myself, to educate myself, to help others and I have been an advocate and outspoken whatever in my city of Petersburg, VA ever since.

Staying undetectable

For the past 15 of my 26 years I've been undetectable now don't get me wrong I've had some moments I've gone through some things I've been in abusive relationships as a matter of fact that's how HIV came to live with me because of in a relationship that was not only physically abusive mentally abusive but sexually abusive as well. But I'm still here and I have to say this to each and every one of you I could do it so can you. Yes I have someone in my life who is not HIV positive but he makes sure I'm taking my meds come he's not hearing it that I missed the dose he's not hearing it. And he even checks with my doctor to make sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

That's just my starting nutshell I don't have a problem with if you want to know more just let me know this is where we are this is where I am I figured I'm not dead yet so I'm going to stop looking like I am you can do the same.

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