Looking for Love and Being Positive

I am looking for love.

20 years living with HIV

I am looking to meet new people out there, someone who not only wants to date, but someone who would date a person who HIV positive for 20 years but I still feel good about myself.

Where is my Mr. Right?

I feel that I'm looking for love and finding love and all good places, but I just haven't found Mr Right. But I pray that one day I find the right person in my life who will be there for me, who shows love and a passion and caring. Also wants to do fun things out there. Everybody out there, Mr Right please let me know. I can take all the bad flaws that a person had. It does not bother me, I'm a very patient person.

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HIV status does not matter to me

I'm looking to me someone out there who's positive or not positive it doesn't matter to me. Someone out there to share a nice warm friendship with and maybe a relationship, see how it goes. Looking for love and looking to meet someone, hang out doing things. Have a special heart for someone who loves life like I do and let you travel, go places, and also enjoy having a great time at shows, galleries, and also go to museums, and also go to restaurants in the city.

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Self-loving life and being positive

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