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Testing confusion

After unprotected sex with an HIV+ woman. At 18 days post PEP took an HIV DNA PCR negative and 40 days took an Alere Determine HIV 1/2 test, negative.

I took PEP for only 10 days and discontinue it because of severe side effects. Can the 10 days I took PEP affect my results?

  1. Hi there , I am glad you reached out with this question. We are not medical professionals and the person with the best ability to determine how your specific transmission risk would be your doctor or a medical professional you feel you can talk to. I can give you some information about PEP, though, and hope this helps. PEP is usually taken for 28 days and it sounds like the side effects only allowed you to take it for 10. This may not affect your results. It sounds like you have had 2 negative tests, including one 40 days (which is the typical 4-6 weeks after the exposure). Repeat testing is also usually completed around three to six months after the exposure, to ensure that HIV transmission did not occur. There is more about that here in this article: Let us know what you hear from your doctor, we're sending you our support! - Liz (Team Member)

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