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Top Three Facebook Dating Features

In my last blog, I broke down what I wrote in my Facebook bio to attract my ideal male companion. I recommend you read that blog before reading because this blog is about how I use Facebook Dating features to enhance my bio.

Facebook Dating features

What I'm looking for

One feature I appreciate is the option to tell others what I’m looking for. I can select chatting, something casual, friendship, long-term relationship, or prefer not to say. 

This feature would have been more beneficial if they allowed people to physically write what they are looking for because there are so many other relationship dynamics outside of those listed.

I’m non-monogamous and sex-positive, so I feel that this feature would have been best to communicate that.

Ability to answer prompts

The second feature I love is that I can answer prompts and put them on my profile.

I answered one prompt: “A social cause I care a lot about is..." and my answer was, "the Sex positivity movement, abuse resources, affordable living, equality, and free love."

This prompt helps enhance what I already said in my bio and helps bring out my character.

Link to Instagram

The third feature I use is linking my Instagram profile so that people who view my dating profile can see what I post on my personal Instagram feed and story. At first, I was uncomfortable using this feature because I didn’t want my HIV status to be known right away; I felt that should be a conversation that is chosen to be had when I felt the time was right.

Since I am so open about my status on social media and it’s my career, I decided that it would be a great way to enhance my bio and to give more insight about myself indirectly. People who are viewing my profile can get a sense of what I do every day indirectly because I believe people become suspicious of those that share too much information about themselves upfront.

On disclosing my status

Also, I learned from experience if guys are aware of my status when they first encounter me, they don’t see my status as a reason to not interact with me. I noticed that the longer I wait to disclose my status, people internalize that as me being malicious.

Do I agree with this way of thinking? No, it is valid for someone to want to withhold that information until they feel comfortable doing so, but we live in a society that doesn’t acknowledge that.

I just happen to live in this society; I try to use what I know about how people view those living with HIV when disclosing my status. If I disclose early, people feel comfortable interacting with me and want to build any type of arrangement with me, including those solely sexual.

Those are the top three Facebook Dating features I use to enhance my bio to attract the ideal male companion.

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