Post-holiday recovery - Health Leaders share tips

REPLAY: Post-Holiday Recovery

The holiday season is not always filled with joy. Each year, health leaders and advocates share their stories of grief, loss, family disconnection, stress, financial strain, and stigma which can be intensified by the obligations and expectations of the winter holiday season.

Watch the panel discussion on post-holiday recovery Heath Leaders have come together to offer their support and tips for taking care of your mind and body after a stressful holiday season. Watch the entire segment below!

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These Health Leaders have written articles and led discussions on around setting boundaries, budgets, and decision-making for the holiday season. Now, they will focus on the time following the holidays, and answering questions on self care, finding support, and how to advocate for ourselves. Read more about our Health Leaders below!

Khafre Kujichagulia Abif is the author of Coping With Grief During the Holiday Season, an activist/writer/editor/blogger/artist, and founding executive director of Cycle for Freedom, Inc., a national mobilizing campaign reducing the spread of HIV among African Americans and Latino’s by confronting HIV-related stigma, homophobia, and lack of education.

Robert Brunet is the author of is the author of My Tips on Surviving the Holidays and Living with HIV, and is a 30+ year long-term survivor of HIV. He has been an advocate since the 1980's and is now focused on supporting Long-Term Survivors and issues related to aging with HIV.

Jerilyn Ward and her husband Robert shared their perspective in 7 Tips for Attending In-Person Events Safely and 3 Tips to Set Holiday Boundaries. Their book For Better and For Worst – A Dramatic Testimony of a Couple Staying Together Despite Having HIV/AIDS shares tips for couples of how to live a happy, healthy life.

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